Anyone Into Photography?

Like the title says, who’s into photography? I’ve only recently gotten into it and have never really taken photos. I think my interest comes from my recent foray into astronomy, telescopes and astrophotography. I recently bought a Sony A6000, which I understand is an older model but a very well reviewed camera. It also has a ton of lens choices at reasonable prices. Will be doing mostly Macro and Astrophotography and will post any cool shots I get.


I am into avian photography. Here is my photo collection: Myron Tay | Flickr


I’ve only looked at the first page so far but wow!! Very impressive!! I actually put out a bunch of bird feeders of all varieties to start getting some pics of them. What kind of equipment do you use?

Canon 1DX and EF 800mm f5.6L IS

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Very, Very nice Camera & Lens!! I’m currently selling a few books to finance some more lens purchases and I have my eyes on a new telescope as well.

Good job. Do post your output when you are done!

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I’m an Nikon guy but it’s been such a long time.

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I had some nice close ups of plants and some insects but protecting your photos doesn’t save them from formatting your memory card! Lesson learned.

If someone can save me the time of looking it up, I’ll appreciate it. It’s a succulent that’s lovely on your bare feet.

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Had a few extra minutes this morning and quickly took a few shots of the moon. Lots of cloud cover and the mosquitos were thick.

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