Anyone offer cleaning and pressing services?

I’m looking to get some modern comics cleaned and pressed, just a handful of books, anyone in here game?

Basement Comics is who I use. They are in MD, but take submissions through mail and at shows. They can submit to CGC after for you as well. I think it’s still like $10 a book.

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I have ChungyComics do mine - he’s in Richmond, VA

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I do clean and press books, and also can submit to CGC for you. Here is my web site and I also do sell on ebay, mercari, etc.


pop culture zone is affordable and fast.
(Comic Book Pressing and Cleaning - Information - Pop Culture Zone)

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I’ve been using a fellow I know named Steve. He does good work and it started out as a hobby but had grown into quite a business for him… Steve's Comic Cleaning and Pressing

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Hi, do you happen to have an email address for ChungyComics? I can only find their Instagram, and I don’t have an account to contact them through that platform. Thanks a lot!


PMC2038@GMAIL.COM is his personal email

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Hello and welcome.