April Previews 2022 - Indie Spotlight Books


I’m all over Newthink… but I think you knew that.

Sorry, these are April solicitations…

I take issue with you talking smack about fans of swimsuit specials! Nothing wrong with admiring the human body in the drawn form! I like fun little cheesecake comics and literary highbrow comics. We can love them all! Lol.

Anyways, “Justice Warriors,” looks like a hoot and I blogged about it before when it was announced, actually. Bound to cause a lot of controversies as it is a parody but many people (on either side of the political spectrum) sometimes have trouble understanding satire.

Good, I was hoping you’d be the first to chime in… :wink:

I’m becoming predictable. I need to be more of a wild card.

Man, “Sunny,” is funny.

A lotttt of these sound intriguing. I don’t recall reading so many interesting solicitations all at once before. Thanks for sharing, as always.