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DC is dumb they have had 2 movies with Aquaman and 1 movie with Black Manta but they think they can pull off this show with Black Manta’s child that he has with an Atlantean, even though it would probably take a few movies and shows just to get to the point of introducing Jake.

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Who cares about continuity, story progression, etc.

I like Aqualad as a character so I’d be curious about this. I would not encourage anyone to go spec-heavy on it at all though.


Brightest Day 4 is first Jackson Hyde for those who do want to pick up a copy or two. I think they are still relatively cheap

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Bought Brightest day #4 when it was 3 dollars like last year from the dollar bin . I had a feeling Aqualad was going to get his own tv show or something.They need to do one for Yara Flor because she’s the most interesting character out future state to me,even the Thinking critical Youtuber agrees with me.