Aquaman 66 Endless Winter... why is it hot?

Does anyone know why Aquaman 66, both covers, is selling so well? I’ve sold two of each cover over the past month or so at a few dollars over cover.
I have my last copy, the regular cover, listed now and the bidding is currently at $18.50.

Any thoughts?


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Early Andy Curry appearance?

Not her first. That was 57.

The only other major thing that happened was recruitment of the fire trolls, but they appeared way back in the 60s.

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Its probably the lowest print run of that series. Maybe its just people trying to fill a hole in their collection?

I think some people are starting to just grab random books and jack up the prices on certain ones whether or not there’s anything key worthy. Someone lists at $15-$20 and other people buy it so people up their listing. Same thing happened with Daredevil 26 and Cable 5

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Endless Winter was a really fun read actually.

The only low point was the Flash issue where literally nothing happened.

Other than that, some super cool ancient Justice League moments, awesome swamp thing scenes, and some great callbacks to older storylines. Aquaman was a good entry into the whole story.

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That was a baby though, right?


Andy was also in 58, 59, 60, and 65. Maybe someone thinks Andy’s hydrokinesis is first displayed in #66, but why would that sell??

I listed mine for Sale. Hopefully I get a nibble or two.

Thanks everyone! I appreciate your kindness and knowledge!


Quick update: I listed my copy for sale and I got an offer today… I really don’t know why this book selling for 3-5x cover but I’m not going to stare a gift horse in the mouth.

Is it really just people trying to fill holes in their collections? Is there anything more going on in this issue?

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My thought is that since its Aquaman it was probably the lowest ordered of the entire series.

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