Aquaman coming to the CWverse?

Atlantis was named dropped tonight on the Flash and next week Cisco is headed there, could Aquaman become a part of CW? With Superman from CWverse getting his own show soon it makes sense to start bringing in Aquaman to maybe make their own version of a CW Justice League show.

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I wish I could get excited… but nothing in DC excites me. I have yet to watch any CW show in my lifetime, don’t think I have any plans to either. But that’s just me…

The only CW show I like with DC characters has been, “Black Lightning.” It took place in its own universe until it had a light crossover in season 3 with all the other shows. It is just so different tonally from the other CW shows about DC heroes and so, so much better compared to the handful of episodes I managed with the other CW programs. It tackles big issues like race and class with skill and is otherwise quite entertaining with great action as well. Give the first episode a chance and you might be surprised how much you like it.

I’m big on the Flash to me it’s the most comic accurate and excels at being episodic just like a comic that comes out monthly. Arrow had a few good seasons the Deathstroke ones, Legends I enjoy, Supergirl I watch as well it’s so so, Batwoman I watch but don’t pay much attention. Black Lightning I watched the first season and stopped, Titans and Doom Patrol are A+,Swampthing was pretty boring and sucky one or two good episodes.