Are all pressers the same?

Are all pressers the same in terms of results? I was going to use a cheaper presser, who charges $10 per press, and give them a try. There seem to be dozens of pressers to now choose from.

I would believe like any other business craft, there are differences in talent level and experience.
How important that is to you is entirely up to you.
I would say that not only is competency and quality of their finished product important, but also consider the risk associated with damage to your comic(s).

With questions like this the only answer I provide is “what I would do”. And I would not send to a budget presser unless they come with a whole lot of references and/or I’m sending not very expensive books. Perhaps as a trial?

I will pay a couple bucks more to those that have reputations for being top in their class. I’ll save the budgeting to Stop & Shop Cheerios instead of General Mills :wink:


Are they insured as well? That’s the one thing I would verify with any presser. The last thing you want is for them to F up your book or books and then weasel their way out of it!

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Are any insured? In all the pressers I’ve used, including CGC and cbcs, I never recall verbiage that they insured your books against damage as a result of pressing.

If anything, their insurance protects them against lawsuits from the likes of you…(you being the customer…not specifically @agentpoyo …not that it would surprise me if they had a Poyo clause cause the guy is kinda a turd muffin😉)

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A $500 deductible would likely be the lowest deductible for a bailees policy (care, custody, control insurance as GL has an exclusion for items in care of insureds for repair). Unless the book was over $500 bailees likely would not get involved. I would suspect only the largest of the pressers would have bailees insurance but there may not be a single presser out there with bailees insurance as it would likely be considered art restoration which is tougher to purchase.

The business is insured… not if they insure your books individually.

Like when the general contractor comes to your house to work on the roof, do they carry insurance for accidents? Like when he falls through the roof and does damage? That type of insurance…

If I was a presser with a legit business, I would carry insurance that covers if I damage clients goods, particularly if it was high dollar books I’m dealing with. This insurance would cover costs of lost, stolen, damaged, etc. And yes, I would also be the type who starts this as an LLC, so they can’t come after me personally but just the business. Just asking for trouble if you’re not running a business like a real business!

Ok, but does any presser even disclose that they have this?

Likely have to ask them directly.

I’d guess cbcs and cgc is covered by their policy for grading as they now both own their pressing business (no outsourcing).

Others, who knows?