Are comics on the rebound?

Are you guys seeing a major increase in sales too?


Could be people spending their tax refunds?

I thought of that too. Very possible.

Although, tax returns were significantly less this year with the monthly payouts they did last year.

Yes, I got some sales after a hiatus.

Yes, I’ve had great sales in May

I don’t think they’re on a rebound. Prices for most major keys are still way down, people probably just realizing there’s some good deals out there atm.

Prices are not. I’ve been picking off “once hot” books that nobody has been hyping lately for way less than they were selling for months ago. Patient buyers on stuff would be my guess, unless you are selling the flavor of the week stuff to the FOMOers.


May has been very good for me on both Mercari and eBay. Could be because I sell a lot of hyped books and there have been a ton lately. But items that have been sitting for months have been selling too.

While my sales are no where near yours, I’ve found sales to be strong all of 2023. Q4 2022 was VERY slow, but things have been strong this year. I think prices normalized from the bubble of 2021-2022. But, things that have even been sitting in my listings for a long time have started to move more.

I had an amazing March/April - had a few sales make the key collector record sales list. This month has been a bit slower actually.

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I’ve had better sales with action figures TBH.

I was talking with the main guy at my LCS today. He saw me looking at the wall books (aka the good stuff) and said he hasn’t gotten anything good lately. He said he is getting around 15 people a week trying to sell their collections to him but it’s all junk. Hmmmm….sounds like the get rich quick crowd is fading. Get stuck with a bunch of modern drek and can’t get your money back……


As a seller, I love hearing the get rich quick people are getting out. Less competition. We are guilty of it here too, but, all the free info and people with disposable income to gamble, have turned everyone Into a seller. Not to mention Shopify has turned every third person I to a retailer. So I am not sad to see the new money go.


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