Are You Bored in Quarantine, Like to Actually Read Comics?

And willing to write a review on the book when you finish reading it? Contact me (via PM) as we get advanced reviews from time to time from publishers and would love for people to read them to write reviews to put on CHU.

And yes, you have to write a review if you get an advanced review copy of the book (usually digital).

But for those interested, contact me via PM or perhaps Anthony.

This is where I should try to poach your reviewers for my own blog. I’m kidding, I generally do my site as a one-man operation occasional guest-post aside. I shan’t try and steal from you guys lest I incur the wrath of @Anthony or get a spanking from @agentpoyo that starts out as punishment before taking on a strangely erotic tone.

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I’d have no issues if you wanted to do reviews and put them on both sites.

I had one idea rattling in my head where I’d review a comic that is hot/heating-up and discuss whether it is not only getting lots of hype, but worth reading. Like a rating scale of, “Worth Keeping, Read and Flip, Just Flip It.”


I was reading a lot up to about 3 weeks ago. Life got in way, till now. I have a GI Joe ARAH run that I’m eyeing to read, but, for now I’ve decided to replay RDR2 on my PS4. The game is truly spectacular and there is so much that I missed on my first play through after it’s release in Nov. '18. The game is definitely better the 2nd time through, you can truly appreciate the many nuances of the game from start to finish, during your second play through.

Here is what they are doing in Italy to pass the time. Lmfao. :metal:

My best friend @James Lugo and several other people have told me to continue quick videos, so here you go all. The 1st half is for my comic book peeps, 2nd half is an important msg to everyone out there for you.


2 weeks down…no idea how long to go…

2 weeks? It feels like 2 months…


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This was me by day 3…

I’m actually not bored at all being stuck at home. Apparently since the world is falling apart, so is crap in my house. Yesterday I fixed the kitchen faucet cause it was slightly leaking, losing pressure when running the water.

Today I find my oven igniter (the flux capacitor) for baking needs decided to break… now I have to wait until Monday for Amazon to deliver the new one… sigh… no pizzas for the kiddos for 2 days…

Lucky for me, I replaced this sucker like 6 years ago so it only took me 10 minutes to yank the part out (to get the part number to order) and leave rest in place for new part. Last time I think I spent a good 3-4 hours figuring out to take apart the oven, taking apart way too many things I didn’t need to… :wink:

I installed a ceiling fan in the guest room today…been meaning to do it for years…bought the fan like 6 months ago…

Procrastinated because I thought I was going to have to tear up the wall to run wire up and through the attic…turns out switch nearest the bedroom door wire runs straight into the attic and there was enough room through the hole I shoved some wire straight down adjacent to it…wire went straight into the junction box first shot!

So the part I thought would take the better part of a day/weekend destroying drywall and drilling holes through beams took literally 5 minutes and no demolition!

Wife is happy now!

I wish I was quarantined. Alas, I work at a distribution center for a home improvement chain and sales are through the roof. I guess a lot of those “quarantined” are getting caught up on all those home improvement projects that they haven’t had time for.

Contemplating ripping up my back deck boards and replacing them.

Also need to finish residing our house…need to order the siding.

Was waiting to see what comes of the stimulus…so yeah, all my stimulus is earmarked for home improvement…but going to go through a local builder supply, not the big box stores.