ASM 26 death

The Shawn guy is right in the comments tho. She’ll be back, probably soon.


For sure. Probably conveniently in November when the movie opens. Otherwise it’s the dumbest timing of a character death ever.


I dunno, reading the description the seller does write that he folded the black cover behind the comic to show the spoiler. I don’t think he is pulling the covers off and selling them. He also states he won’t be selling the comic where he folded the cover.

I saw that on Twitter too

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Interesting…I finally caught up on reading ASM issues because I was not excited over the last two runs and even less after the death in 26 was revealed. The one thing that is still bugging me and it is probably absolutely nothing is the kids. They have no parents and were randomly found. The girl is made to look like MaryJane’s with the red hair. Theres a time displacement factor and in issue 25 there is a focus on the character’s eyes in the beginning of the story. The girl’s matches Mary Jane and the boy’s matches Peter’s. Maybe being an LA teacher and seeing foreshadowing in everything…but they wouldnt make them…nahh…right?

was thinking
what if they bring her back as a horsewoman ?

Haven’t been reading the new spiderman series. What am i looking at?


Mj and this guy Paul have kids. They age up and down randomly depending on who is drawing them. JRJR makes them look like little people. Needless to say MJ will not get back with Peter because she has a family now. However, kids disappear so, bow chicka wow wow.


Why do the kids disappear? What does that have to do with the Death of Ms. Marvel? Is it an unrelated thing? I’m befuddled.

I dunno. All I can go by is the one page shown.

Did this really need a 2nd print? Let alone 2nd print exclusive?

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She’s gonna be, “Dead,” for less than a year, I’d think. This is all absurd.



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Laughing my ass off lmaooo

we all saw this mutant thing coming…

being a mutant is not going to change how lame of a character she is.

Soooooooooooooooo not interested in this.

I guess this is what you slump to when SAG goes on strike…


Nah this was probably done before the sag stuff. They’ve had it planned for months

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I was being sarcastic…kind of. I know writing comic takes months.

Now an AI writing a comic…takes…


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