ASM 361 - sell/hold?

I have never sold a book, but have only managed to fill one closet in my life;) so I’m not a big collector or anything and most of the stuff I own isn’t very impressive.

I just searches the price of asm 361 and noticed some obscene sale prices.

The prices will never be this high again for this book right?

I don’t need the cash - but also do like cash if that makes sense.

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This Venom is in the SonyVerse. Wait until he joins the MCU, the prices will be higher yet.


Prices seem to have plummeted in the last few weeks. I have a 9.6, and I see prices went from $500 a month ago and now there are buy it now for $350.

It’s not going back up anytime soon.

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Carnage got killed off in the movie, sure you can say multiverse but I dont think they’ll use him for a good while. Plus doc ock and green goblin are only now being brought in

If you decide to sell, just be sure your happy with the outcome. There is never a perfect time. You may think it’s the perfect time, and the prices will be higher later on. Or you make a great profit and they plummet. It’s the risk you take either way. Long as your happy, that’s all that matters


Uh….spoiler alert?

Or wait until Donny Cates writes us 35 magnificent issues of Carnage (when he talks Marvel into the idea) title after he retcons an old character from an Incredible Hulk issue in the new Hulk series to introduce the world to Carknullge (pronounced Car - Nulge)… the true King of Knull himself that will take 30 issues of slow build up until we meet him for the actual first time (only flashbacks prior to issue #30) for him to die a quick death after Carnage becomes the true Carnage of Light.



Eh, I’d read it.

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Heh… Me too

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asm 361 is a major spidey key, price has corrected some, but that normal


Everyone is selling this book. In the past week the undercutting has been crazy. So give it. Y Nov/Dec we should see the real price.

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It’s a heavily printed book that didn’t catch anyone by surprise as Venom was already rather popular when Carnage debuted. Yes it’s very key but at any given time there’s a 100,000 copies out there for sale to compete with. If you have multiple copies then it’s worth selling one.


I’d say hold it.
There will eventually be another movie with carnage in it.

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Will he ever be allowed to show up in the mcu is the question.

He will for knull build up

Sold my ASM 361-363 for asking price within 16 minutes of listing on ebay

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I used to think Knull happening in the MCU would never happen. Now, though, I maybe see it.

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whether its live action or in a cartoon he will show up

9.8s are still seeing slight increases in the market.

Sold my CGC 9.6 newsstand slab too

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