Atlas Comics 1975

This is not new news, but it also hasn’t gone away.

I’ve passed over these issues so many times at my LCS, but the day of announcement I snatched up all the issues I could find. Initially I saw them as a quick flip, but now I’m wondering if this thing will actually come to fruition.

Here are some facts to play with:

  • Jason Goodman has tried to reignite these properties (in 2011’s Atlas United) with little success.

  • Steven Paul (who bought the properties) is responsible for some flops in the area of comic book movies such as Ghost in the Shell, Ghost Rider 1 & 2 IMDb: Steven Paul (producer)

  • “Production on the first project is anticipated to commence during the second quarter of 2020 with a release expected to take place in 2021. The companies intend to produce and release at least one superhero project each year thereafter,” they said in the release. Seems pretty ambitious, but the superhero genre has become the new revenue genre.

  • SP Media has also signed up screenwriter Akiva Goldsman and his Weed Road Pictures to oversee a writers’ room to develop stories and characters. Goldsman was writer on DC’s Titans, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin (hopefully not responsible for Mr. Freeze’s puns) and the award-winning A Beautiful Mind.

For those of you with these books. Are you holding or selling? Why?

Holding because they were cheap and I won’t make any money if I sell them now anyway. If a movie is announced I’m dumping.

Honestly, I just bought one of each, key/first issue (or most of them) in grades from mid to higher for the personal collection. They were not expensive and if something comes of it my pc will look a little better. If nothing happens, well, there are a few cool covers to look at.

Whether or not this pans out, I don’t think is really the issue … odds are anything will be straight to disc and production values will be far, far below what the Public has become accustomed to from the Major Players in the Entertainment Business …