Atoll #1 Heating up?

Here is a head scratcher, trying to find out more but recent sales on Atoll #1 have been heating up. Even the CHU variant (which I blew out a few years ago at $1 each on CHU Black Friday) has been selling for decent money. Anyone savvy to this or why?

I got those “rare” variants… gonna list them cause I don’t want them. :slight_smile:

Lol. I still have mine.

It would be cool to make another Jaws theme movie…

Meh, I love the first Jaws so much, I can just watch it over and over… it drives the wife crazy. If I find it on cable I just stop there and watch it.

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I’ve been telling my little one if he wants to watch it with me cuz he falls asleep with a shark plush. But so far no luck lol.

It’s been optioned for film

Any link the the option?

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I can’t find the option news but a few listings say it.

It would make a great movie.

Lol the guy raised his price from &5.99 to $150 in 5 minutes :scream:

He must be a CHU reader :wink:

Well you better send those 3 to Hawaii I got for cover before the price change. :eyes:

Holy :chu: :chu: :chu: :chu: … There was only like 4-5 listings, now there’s a crap ton already.

The power of CHU lol

Here’s a cheap 1 and 2 but kinda beat up

I found five copies of the black border Chu variant. I hadn’t sold them all after all. If anyone wants one let me know. I listed one copy of eBay for something crazy. Also found some of the other rare variants, the blind box variants and listed them too. But if anyone wants one of the CHU variants, the four remaining, let me know ( they won’t be a dollar like last time but make me a reasonable offer and you can have one.)

I just need to find mine now

I have some copies in a shortbox. I feel like the series never wrapped, it was cancelled after like two issues?

So the company that published the book became Vault Comics. The series was never canceled it was just lost in the shuffle after two issues.