August Previews 2021 - DC Spotlight Books

Previews (From Lunar if they call it Previews) gives us a glimpse of what’s to come. Here’s the spotlight new books (and some trade/hardcovers/omnibuses) coming out of August Previews for DC…

Arkham City The Order Of The World #1 - I like Dan Watters work. So I’m looking forward to this one as it seems interesting as a little different take on a Batman related book/story from the norm we usually get.

Arkham City the Order of the World #1 (of 6) (Cover B - Francesco Mattina Card Stock Variant)

I enjoy Tom King’s mini-series titles. This one is on my list of checkout and pick ups.

Human Target #1 (of 12) (Cover A - Greg Smallwood)
Human Target #1 (of 12) (Cover B - Trevor Hairsine & Danny Miki Variant)

Another Batman book on my list is Batman the Imposter #1 (of 3) (Cover A - Andrea Sorrentino). I love this story concept within, an imposter is out murdering wrong doers.

Batman the Imposter #1 (of 3) (Cover B - Lee Bermejo Variant)

Bruce Wayne’s mission as the Batman has only been underway for a year or so, but he can tell he’s making a difference. Unfortunately, he’s made some powerful enemies. All the traditional power brokers of Gotham resent the disruption the Batman has brought to town…and it seems one of them has a plan to neutralize him. There’s a second Batman haunting Gotham’s rooftops and alleys—and this one has no qualms about murdering criminals, live and on tape. With the entire might of the Gotham City Police Department and Gotham’s rich and powerful coming down on his head, Batman must find this imposter and somehow clear his name…but how can you prove your innocence from behind a mask?

Director and screenwriter Mattson Tomlin (Project Power, Little Fish) has teamed up with Eisner-winning suspense and horror artist Andrea Sorrentino (Joker: Killer Smile, Gideon Falls) to create a wholly new version of Gotham City, informed by grim reality, where every punch leaves a broken bone and every action has consequences far, far beyond Batman’s imagination!

DC Horror Presents Soul Plumber #1 is a new horror book that comes off as a potential good and entertaining read. Gotta love a good horror book.

DC Horror Presents Soul Plumber #1 (of 6) (Cover B - Tom Neeley Card Stock Variant)

Love it or hate it, but this Rose Besch for Future State Gotham #6 (Cover B - Rose Besch Card Stock Variant) is pretty awesome if you ask me.

This next pick is a book I’m buying just for the title alone. I mean, come on… it has to be good with a title of Refrigerator Full of Heads #1 (of 6) (Cover A - Sam Wolfe Connelly).

Refrigerator Full of Heads #1 (of 6) (Cover B - Reiko Murakami Card Stock Variant)

Swamp Thing #8 (of 10) (Cover A - Mike Perkins) has not only had some great covers but it’s been a great read as well.

Swamp Thing #8 (of 10) (Cover B - Francesco Mattina Card Stock Variant)

For those who were all in on the first round of Fortnite Batman titles (probably most were players who wanted the codes as well), comes Batman Fortnite Foundation #1 (Cover A - Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion). I have no idea if this has a code itself. At $4.99, it could but if anyone knows, please do let me know.

Batman Fortnite Foundation #1 (Cover B - Alex Garner Card Stock Variant)

Batman Fortnite Foundation #1 (Cover A - Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion)

It’s either going to be a hit or miss I think but I’m willing to give it a go with Nubia and the Amazons #1 (of 6) (Cover A - Alitha Martinez).

Nubia and the Amazons #1 (of 6) (Cover B - Maika Sozo Card Stock Variant)

I’m in it because first, I love Batman '89 and second, I really do like a good Lee Weeks Cover.

If you missed out on all the individual issues for Swamp Thing, you can order the first trade Swamp Thing TPB Vol 01 Becoming.

Swamp Thing TPB Vol 01 Becoming

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