Auto-Transforming Voice Command Optimus Prime

Ok, everybody, I freaked out about this over in the Hasbro Pulse Fan fest 2021 Thread, but it deserves its own highlight.

Here’s Jay and Silent Bob showing off the brand new $700 Optimus Prime. It gave me chills when it happened…


HOLY S HIT !!! :stuck_out_tongue: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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That is freakin’ cool. Even at 700 bucks, this will sell out fast.

What a future we live in.

Shouldn’t that be, what a “present” we live in? The future hasn’t happened yet… oh wait, just did… but now it’s in the present… but it’s the past now…

Actually, when you think about it, everything you see, hear and feel are in the past. It takes microseconds for your brain to process your senses… so essentially, you are always living in the past! :exploding_head:

Time is just a construct by which we compare change man. There has never been a past or a future. There always just has been.

That’s just all in the past man…

I need this.

Evil autobots and heroic decepticons? Blurr a bounty hunter?

Yes please.


Exclusive foil IDW comic along with it.

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Amazing. Thanks for posting. I am def going to get one when (if) the price comes down a little. Unreal.

I haven’t watched any of their YouTube content, but do they typically do this kind of role reversal with Bob and Silent Jay? It was funny (in a good way!).

Finally pulled the trigger. Arrived today. Was surprised the comic came loose in the box! Fortunately (and unbelievably) it was not damaged. It’s has foil highlights! Pretty cool.

Box is odd. Not like the traditional 1986 version. Below is a comparison of my two Blurrs.


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That comic is one lucky comic!

Nice, and even better, safe comic!