Autographed comics

Just curious what everyone does with their autographed comics. Only PGX and CBCS will verify autographs and it cost $15 per autograph. I have an early run of the Invincibles, all autographed however it would be so expensive to verify, press and grade. is it worth getting these books graded?

I never done it either, but I do have some McFarlane books that I might have CBCS grade them for me and do the verification…

I put mine in mylar and then in my shortbox. I know they are real, so I don’t need someone to verify them. The ones on my wall are in a toploader.

I only have one autographed book by Michael Turner on the Fathom Preview issue that I will sent into CBCS at some point to grade and authenticate the signature. I believe it’s real but can’t be 100% until it’s done. Otherwise any other autographs I have I don’t care enough about to spend the money.


Every other month I send in 4 - 5 books to get Verified by CBCS.
It’s 35 years of my work in the ol’ days.

Why do I do it? - No one is getting John Buscema, Moebius, Curt Swan, Gene Colan, Lee Falk, Kirby, etc… anymore. I won’t do it for regular Convention goers that are at almost every Con. It would get really expensive for artists that are easy to get. But those names above are not all that easy :wink:


Gene Colan was a GOAT.

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I think what I’d do with those Invincibles is take the significant Keys (#1, the 1st appearances, etc) and get those graded by CBCS.
Or - you could just send in a few every couple months and get the whole set yellow labeled by CBCS. That’d be a pretty cool set to own.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. Eventually, I think I will get these graded for the PC.

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I have (7) Michael Turner autograph comics that I would love to send in, however, I don’t send anything for grading/verification so it looks like they’ll stay raw. I’m cool with that as they aren’t leaving my collection until I’m gone anyway. I miss Michael Turner and his art :innocent:


You could frame and display them.


Personally I’d send them in just so your heirs can get top dollar. I’m a big Turner fan and he’s sorely missed by many in the community.