Avengers #36

Moon Knight vs. Black Panther


I’m not feeling a lot of these books mentioned lately on the forum, besides Death Metal Legends and possibly death metal 3.

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Oh and strange academy 1.

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I had the whole age of Konshu story preorder just cause I like Moon Knight kicking ass lol

Moon Knight is truly the best.

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I started reading Age of Konshu based on a recommendation from a friend who read part 1. I haven’t read this weeks issue yet, but I did enjoy issue #34. Looks like the story will be action packed.

I’m not sure if this was brought up as speculation, but sometimes it’s okay to talk about books that you like just for the art and/or story.

Correct. Sometimes you have to look past the trees to see the other end of the forest. A semi-exciting story today becomes a foundation event for tomorrow. Comics work that way sometimes. :wink:

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