Avengers #44 spec

What’s up guys, girls and umm… Wookies
‘The all new Phoenix’
I haven’t been reading these books so I’ll be honest here I don’t have a clue what to expect so for people with a lot more insight into this run what do you think potential future heat or just another dud?
It’s due for release in April but it’s never to early to start a spec discussion right?

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Looks like Echo

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It’s definitely not a guy

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If hips. Small waist. Thigh gap. Looks like a female to me

You saying guys can’t have thigh gap? That’s sexist man… :wink:

Is that a thigh gap or a strap on nail

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An led one.

And this is why I come here: quality substantive speculation.


but what if they identify as a guy ? :face_vomiting:

if you stare long enough you can see a sailboat


Looks like a schooner to me

Looks like Cap IS staring long enough.

From the way Iron Man is smiling she may just be in the buff

I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess… Monica Rambeau… cause she’s had so many other aliases/names, might as well add another one… :wink:


Given how long Cap seems to have been staring, maybe it’s Black Widow?

Jane Foster or Jean Grey…my guesses.

A young future comic speculator will be looking at this post and thinking ‘yeah they’re right it’s definitely not a guy these people are good’


What if it isn’t even a human? Marvel has been ramping-up stuff with space aliens…

I might be wrong but I think that she is black.

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