Avengers #503=Wandavision? (Spoilers)

Throughout Wandavision we’ve had varied books incorporated into discussions and even spec with regards to the plot, story, projections. Much talk relative to the possibility of House of M as well. I decided to breakout House of M for a re-read, but sort of forgot that it is actually Avengers Dissassembled which brought us to that Marvel point in time.
In all I’ve read with regards to the show, spec, comic talk…I don’t know that it has really been part of the conversation, yet Avengers #503 IS Wandavision in a sense.
Not a pump, not a dump (heck…we all have these issues stashed anyway I imagine)…just interesting & I sort of pulled my own Wanda in forgetting this issue.
Pull this issue out and read it.
If I had to bet…we will see a couple iconic images from #503 on screen next week.
Maybe this was all just a “given” by everyone and I’m late to the knowledge game though. Wouldn’t be the first time!

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I doubt we see any of this in the final episode. Remember, Marvel Studios is using bits of many different stories for the show.

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That is such an amazing story arc.

Very true! I guess I just was a bit embarrassed that I completely forgot about this series, book lol.
It was so good. Especially the fact Agatha was in it.
In my head, all of this…was in the House of M series.

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Avengers Disassembled, House of M, Tom Kings Vision, West Coast Avengers, The Salem Seven story arc in Avengers 185-187… WandaVision is all these story arcs, and more, mashed into one.


I know.

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One of the runes in Agathas basement kind of resembles the House of M logo.


In the books, Magneto is Wanda’s dad, and Magneto’s mother was a witch. So, Wanda’s grandmother is a witch. :man_shrugging:

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I noticed that also.

Witches have already been teased in the MCU too.

In Thor Ragnorak, at one point Loki, while in handcuffs, turns to Thor and says ‘I can’t see into the future; I’m not a witch’.
And then again in Endgame when fat Thor goes back in time and sees his mother. His mother tells him that she knows he is from the future because ‘I was raised by witches’.
This is establishing that witches can see through time, as was also evidenced in WandaVision ep.8, when Agatha takes a trip with Wanda, through Wanda’s past, looking for the source of Wandas Chaos magic.


Obviously, this wasn’t a big secret, but I do find it funny that this book, these panels were all suddenly shared today by a certain app along with the issue being added as well! :slight_smile:
Prolly just a coincidence


Enchantress is coming in Thor

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