Avengers Endgame

Let’s get this party started with a topic that covers the latest Marvel movie, Avengers Endgame.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t want to read potential spoilers, just stop reading now.

Testing, Incredible Hulk 377 is way up in price. Time to list mine tomorrow once the work is caught up. I still need to bag and board 140 Venom 13’s 50 100 QTY ART GERM DCYOTV Variants and a stack of DCYOTV store variant’s.

End of the month so that’s an extra 3 hours of paperwork/bookkeeping in the morning.

Half a dozen DCYOUTV Variant Bundles to ship.

Need to check the current price of


also. Another Avenger Endgame that’s probably up.

New invoice from Diamond with the shipping freight for 18 boxes today scheduled to start the day off with a stroke when the shipping cost is known.

Walk the puppy.

I’m sure I forgot something. Let me check with the manager.

She’s good as long as I throw something while putting the comics on the shelves.

Now to see if I forgot any buttons that needed testing.

There are a ton of new spec books popping off endgame. A-Force #1 is one of them.

Yup, like OC_Guy mentioned on CHU, Asgardians is starting to pick up interest as well and could be a decent grab when you see them at the shops for a long term gamble.

I sold 2 copies of Avengers (2010 4th Series) #12 within a few hours of listing them. 9.0/9.2 copies for $40 each plus shipping.

Sadly I wasn’t back in the game when this book hit shelves so I had no copies to sell. And it’s one I would have likely had as since 2013 I was picking up almost every Avengers book.

But that’s awesome, love those $1 bin back issues making money. Makes it worthwhile hoarding some books for the long term gamble. :slight_smile:

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My honey hole was missing these issues. I. Ormally can find anything there and his. It find any of the Endgame spec books.

God I hope A-Force becomes a thing. That’s a title I never pass on. Love me some bad bitches.

I have not seen any one talking about Secret Wars #4. I know its a nothing book, but with all the talk about Endgame related scenes that have caught a little heat, I am surprised no one has mentioned this book as the cover is clearly homaged in Endgames final battle, after Santuary IIs missles hit the Avengers base.

Need a screen grab from the movie and post it and I bet the book gets attention.