Avengers Video Game (Beta)

Had an extremely fun run in Avengers (Beta) yesterday on XBOX. Primarily used Kamala who seemed to be the main focus of the game (and I wonder if that has something so do with the crazy prices paid for Captain Marvel 17 2nd as of late). Her play felt incredible and I’m REALLY excited to start playing come release.

There may very well end up being some spec from the game and I’m guessing it will be extremely well received by the masses.

One cool feature was collecting various real comics from boxes/chests you find. I found a Hulk #105 as well as some other stuff.

Great game and definitely worth a shot. Quite addicting and lots of room for content.

Would be awesome to get a four-person squad together from here (but I get Kamala!)!

Anyone else try it out?

Sold everything waiting for ps5

I keep wanting to try this beta, but I think I’ll wait for release and rent it from Red Box. Mostly because all I can get in my area is CenturyLink 20mbs >.<

From the gameplay I’ve watched it seems less polished and well rounded than the Rocksteady Arkham games and Spider-Man PS4 (those are also the gold standard for superhero games though). That being said watching gameplay is far less of an accurate barometer of “fun” than sitting down and playing the game.

Redbox doesn’t rent games anymore :frowning:

Ai Dios mio!

I just saw a commercial for the game. There was one shot that looked like Hulk in his Joe Fixit skin. That alone has me stoked. :joy:

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I played a very early version of the game a while back (perks of being formerly in the games industry) and decided to wait until the final one came out to play any more. Definitely excited for it, though!

I’m partially excited… I’m more worried that games are moving more towards a subscription /service model rather than single player.

Kick-ass single player is what made the Arkham series and Spider-Man PS4 so great!

That’s when I’m out… I don’t play a lot of games now but I’m not paying a monthly fee to play a game. Nope, not gonna do it…

That’s been coming in general. I’m not proud to say that I was one of the earlier adapters of free-to-play/freemium gaming back in the day. The way that model has become so predatory on capitalizing on peoples’ addictions and enabling them to make bad choices is part of the reason I got out of the gaming sector.

Its almost like they took the Chuck E Cheese business model and digitized it.