Baby Yoda on Crait

My daughter is turning 2 in 10 days so we went to the Bonneville Salt Flats for a photo shoot. We got some cute yet eerie shots that seem to wrap up 2020 better than we anticipated. A toddler walking across a barren salt flat with a bouquet of balloons is actually more lonely a scene than I anticipated. Anyway, I managed to take a second to snap this pic of the asset, enjoy:


That looks cool. I always wanted to go to the salt flats.

The owner of Royal Purple used to be my dad’s neighbor back in the day. Before he became rich famous lol. I used to watch that car come in and out of his garage. It was cool seeing those huge rockets lol.

Very cool!

That’s pretty cool. If you want to blast rockets, this is the place for it. ATK tests ICBM rockets and things like that out here. They send out Amazon gift cards to the surrounding residents in advance as an apology for the noise and “seismic activity.”

Your daughter looks adorable. Awesome pic.


Your daughter is very cute. Is Yaddle the mother?