Back Issue Alert - Venom #31, #38, #40

This Wednesday, Web of Venom: Funeral Pyre will drop. Mania makes a return in the book. We last saw her in the Venom Inc. story where she seemingly lost her symbiote (I don’t remember if she got it back after they defeated Maniac). Dan Slott’s lazy villain name aside, it seems she’s getting more traction now because she’ll be tied to Donny’s massive event. Sales of #31 and #38 are going into the $20 range. Sales of #40 (first cover appearance) aren’t there yet but could get there by Thursday. This smells like a quick flip opportunity as I don’t think people will chase her after this event is over. These books are bound to be in your shop’s discount bin section.


Thanks TheOneAboveDonny

Thanks for the heads up. Already have a #38 but didn’t have #31 or $40. Was able to get them both for just a little above cover…before shipping. Might has well fill those holes just in case they get super hot!

Already have them, #38 has always been a $15-$20 book.

I read this last night here and saw it on Facebook group this morning. You were ahead of the curve.

Just to clarify for everyone, #31 is 1st appearance of Andi Benton (former Mania Symbiote host). #38 is 1st Appearance of Andi Benton as Mania, and #40, as stated above, is Manias 1st cover appearance.

I have to sleep at some point. I can’t be up all night posting in that group!!! :):grinning:

coming from someone who lives off 3-5 hours of sleep a night, I can say, sleep is truly overrated.

I hear dat!

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I average 8 hours a night. But if I sleep more than 9 hours my body tells me to get up. My wife hates me though, I’m usually asleep before my head hits the pillow…