Bad Batch Will Return for Season 2 in 2022

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I felt like it started off really, really well…but sort of turned into a snooze fest.
Maybe I’m just getting old…get off my lawn and all.
I know not every single episode can be over the top but…

Felt like it turned into the Omega show as well.

I kno most hate it or displeased with it but my Star Wars hunger is enjoying this show. :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Go back an watch Clone Wars straight through from Season one episode one. I guarantee you will skip more than a few episodes about politics and Threepio missions.


Oh, i said the exact same thing about Clone Wars, trust me. Plenty of naps through most of that as well.

Yeah, I ended up making my own “express route” watch list for friends and coworkers who asked about it.

Then Disney+ came up with theirs when Season 7 was announced and it pretty well lined up so I basically tell them to go with that plus Season 7 and the Umbara arc.

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I’m watching Rebels now for the 1st time. Seen it in bits and pieces but this is a sit down no skips. On season 1 episode 13.

I think Rebels really hits its stride in season 2 and keeps up the interest episode to episode after that.

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This inquisitor fight with Kanan and Ezra has me glued

Aaahhh Ashoka just appeared and Vader.

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Just wait until Maul’s arc closes out.

Probably the major difference between Rebels and Bad Batch is that Rebels fleshed out pre-existing fan favorite canon characters.

I think Bad Batch is seeking to develop new canon characters that will become fan favorites.

I got half way through one episode and clocked out.

Vader a God damn beast. Hes single handedly tearing down these ships in Ep 2. Hearing palpatine and not seeing him is creepy. Love it.

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True, but new characters also came out from Rebels.

True as well.

Yooooo these inquisitors are no joke. Damn idk how I missed all this.

They’re a big pack of meanies for sure. The Loth Wolf and Bendu are also two really cool Force concepts that come up.

I need to keep watching myself. Enjoyed what I’ve seen thus far.