Bag crinkle?

Does anyone notice that their bag crinkles depending on what publisher the comic came from? I notice Scout, IDW, and Source Point seem to be the worst offenders. I’ll buy 15+ comics on NCBD and put them in a short box to read. Days or weeks later, all the bags on the comics are still tight on the books except the ones on books from those 3 publishers.

IDW are the ones that it does for me as well. I tend to stick all my IDW’s in the same box if I can cause they’ll cause the books next to them to wrinkle as well.

You might be packing your boxes to tight. I recently went through half my collection looking for some stuff to get rid of and noticed the bag crinkle on things in boxes more stuffed and not the boxes a little looser packed.

Not for me. I’ve had IDW books sitting out free and clear and the wrinkle shows up over a couple of weeks. I hadn’t noticed my Scout or Source Point, if they are doing it, not as noticeable for me.

Yeah me too. IDW just sitting there and it happens. I have the first 4 issues of Apocalypse Girl from Source Point… They are all in purchase order in my box. All 4 are crinkled but books nearby are fine. Same thing occurred with Touching Evil and The Misplaced… But all my Dead End Kids are fine. :man_shrugging:

could it be the cover material?

That’s what i was thinking. source point definitely has a certain smell… At least the recent ones do. Not sure about Dead End books… Maybe they switched printing processes in the last 6-9 months.
My recent TMNT books don’t do it… But Picard, Cobra Kai, Narcos, and other IDWs do

Probably the type of ink reacting with the plastic

Both of these are source point… By far the biggest culprit. Any comics touching them will also have their bags fall victim to the crinkle monster.

Could it be moisture content of the paper…it would be interesting to put a few under a lamp to dry out and then see if it happens

I can’t recall if any of my Source Points are that bad but I do know almost all my IDW books cause those waves on my bags, unless they’re in Mylar.

Just got my Canto Clockwork Fairies 1:25 in the mail today… It’s in a bag and board inside a thick mylar… And of course the bag is wavy so I’ll have to take it out and handle it to change the damn bag if I want it to look nice on display