Bandito Comics brick and mortar store

Good afternoon everyone!

I wasn’t sure where to put this, so I figured this would be the best place, but I wanted to let the CHUsters know that Bandito Comics now has a brick and mortal location in Austin, TX!

It’s been a long journey from deep-diving on comic books, scouring the internet to find spec, and quick flipping on eBay! Whether you directly or indirectly helped me out, I thank you all for the years of comic book knowledge shared back and forth.

For more information, here is our website: (it has our location and hours).

We do sell comic books (no weekly comics at the moment, but we do have Golden Age all the way to Modern Age), but you’ll also find Funko POPs and trading cards (Pokemon, One Piece, Weiss Schwarz).

Thank you again, and if you happen to be in Austin or visiting Austin, please come in and say hi!

Until next time!

  • The Tin Hat/The Bandito


Congrats on this exciting development! Hope everything goes well with a physical space!

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Gratz! I wish you the very best!

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Congrats on that. Maybe @agentpoyo will stop in and check it out for us.

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I think he is scared of go outside bro.

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Doesn’t that mean unshackling him from your basement?

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Might just have to do that… :slight_smile:

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