Bandito Comics' First Whatnot Sale

What’s up, ya’ll! Bandito Comics, the collectibles business that my partner and I started, got approved to be a Whatnot seller! Wooooo! She and I are super excited, and we will be having our first Whatnot livestream sale tomorrow at 1pm. We will be livestreaming from Fan Expo, just before the show starts.

Come hang out and say hello! We don’t have a ton of followers, so hey, you might score some steals :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Our Whatnot page is:
Our livestream link is:



1pm CST

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Hi all,

For those who joined today’s stream, I had a bit of technical difficulties. Sorry about that!

Looks like streaming from a giant convention with wifi wasn’t the best idea.

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No worries! I did follow you and will keep an eye out for your shoes to support you!!!

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I’ve followed you as well and look forward to shows!

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