Banning pre FOC posts on main page

here you go undeniable proof the posting articles pre foc KILLS spec. hope none of you went heavy on it.

Boom handled this one perfectly…adding a surprise FOC Frison cover variant that even she was touting on instagram was the kicker. That’s the reason for the insane boost & hype. I can care less about those other creators singing its praises.
I will say I actually preordered this anyway initially because I like horror & the Jae Lee b cover was good. Frison is one of the hottest artists there is…sort of a no brainer that it would create a massive increase.

38k does seem like a lot…I did order a couple of the Frison cover.

Oh well. See what happens.

Good for Boom, though!

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There seems to be a lot of hate going around. I thought we were all suppose to be getting along and burying the hatchet ?

Times are changing. Just as they always have. Yes there will be alot of resistance from folks but it will happen regardless. The way I see it is You have 2 choices. You either stick with your old ways and sink with the ship, or you explore new avenues to enrich your pockets. Midtown is doing some funky stuff with canceling orders and posting items mark up high as hell. They are changing with the times. WHo do you think is to blame for that ? It wont be long until other Main stream Online retailers follow suit. You can deny it all you want but it WILL happen. What will you be left with then ?

I know that retailers, Flippers, Speculators all have their “Secret” groups. they all discuss how to screw each other. They all are the first to point fingers at the others but they never stop to see the truth. Everyone is responsible. And until we can all get along and work together none of us will make any money. Figure out a way to enrich everyones lives , not just your own. Wasnt that the whole point of Drunkin Chat Son ?

I am a flipper/speculator at heart. I started this back in 2010. I watched and lurked in the CBSI site for years. Followed them into google plus. Saw EVERY shaddy , unlawful, Dispicable thing that happened between ALL the players. None of you are innocent. SO Bury the hatchet. Stop making excuses. Stop making threats. Stop with the BS. Unite like you said you were going to and dont let the words of a few change your course. Be better than they are. Show people why you should be followed.

and to the original poster. A news site is reporting the news. Something speculators look for. These people arent part of your secret group. They arent privileged to have whatever information that you have. This site gives them that. they level the playing field. and if you cant handle competition then maybe you should go home to your moms basement and suck on your thumb while playing world of wusscraft.

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And btw , your quoting a bleedingcoool article … how acurate can that be really ? are you that much of a sheep that blindly follows whatever is written on a website ?

Cause if you are then i have a whole stack of Redneck number 1’s you can buy cause it was “optioned” as a tv series .

Any news, in any form, that brings more eyes looking upon the hobby, is good for the hobby, and therefore good for overall speculation. See the forest, not the trees.

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I don’t know who has their hatchets out, @Mike_C. What am I missing here?

There is a “Fued” between spec sites and other people and one of the things Mel_V was doing with his podcast was squashing those fueds.

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Oh, okay. I did not listen or watch. I see now. Thats a noble mission, @Mel_V. Best of luck.
Different motives and agendas. I dont think the different sites will ever see eye to eye, put the vitriol is quite repetitive and boring. I do not even bother with any other modern spec sites, besides CHU. I find CHU to be the most free, transparent and pleasant. Getting riled up over comic books is the exact opposite of what the hobby should do/be, for any given reader/collector. Ive learned to just enjoy the books, their content and the extra money that the hobby provides me with, and I ignore the rest. Those players in that drama get real old, and quickly. Cheers, Mikey. :beers:

Same here I used to sometimes check out the other sites, but once I found CHU that was it. I have no ill will towards the other sites though.


pre foc speculation is the least harmful to the industry as a whole imo. if a non-retailer orders 50 copies because they think a book will be hot (and ends up being hot), they profit, the shop they ordered from profits, the publisher profits (as does diamond, and depending on the contract the writer/artist as well). if it ends up flopping, well the person who gambled loses…but everyone else still wins (if you choose to gamble, you win some you lose some). the problem isn’t really that speculators/flippers/etc. exist or how they do/don’t do things…the problem is more that people can’t afford to lose anymore…

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Did nobody read my Likes and Dislikes? I brought this issue up in a general sense.

I have no problem with any other spec groups. I don’t even visit other spec sites. I can care less what or how they spec on books. I can care less what they say about CHU. You won’t see any writer here at CHU sit around and trash other speculators or their websites if that’s what some of them are doing (I don’t know cause like I said, frankly I don’t give a shit either). If you sit around and just trash talk people all day, perhaps you should rethink your priorities in life.

Everyone has their own way of running comic book and related websites. Time to put on the big girl/boy panties and stop worrying so much what the other spec and comic book sites are doing. At the end of the day, none of this matters!

So much for burying the hatchet and getting along!


Yeah im a hypocrite :slight_smile: thats on me.

Haters gonna hate. Ignore ‘em. Not worth the energy invested.

I’m not a pod cast guy, but I do want to start listening to the ones CHU contributes to.

im not sure why this topic has been turned into a discussion about other groups. but for those of you who are i suggest you find another place for your childish conversation.

Well said, @pika. :beers: