Barbara Gordon and Scarecrow coming to Titans Season 3

New casting news for the upcoming season of Titans looks like they will be exploring more characters from Gotham, Batgirl and Scarecrow to joint Nightwing and Jason Todd on Titans. Also Jason Todd to turn to Redhood this season is hinted.


August 12th Season 3

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Anyone watch the new season yet ? Episodes 1, 2, & 3 are out.

It’s pretty damn good. Way better than season 2.

I have yet to start episode 3. I’m really impressed with Savanna Welch as Barbara Gordon. But overall, first 2 eps are just decent imo. Action scenes kinda meh. But the cinematography and colors are better now. The story is intriguing and I want more.

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I’m enjoying the show, always have, but I also think they really rush a lot of plot areas.

I guess that comes with the territory of a show about a team with multiple members.

I mean joker kills Jason Todd 5 minutes into episode 1 of season 3 - no development or depth to this event at all. Red hood then appears in the very next episode?

I get that this is an elseworlds/multiverse earth-(pick your number) type thing and so it’s going to be different, and that’s OK… Bruce Wayne old AF when Jason Todd is killed, Alfred dead and buried - we learn that Mr. Freeze killed him. Joker ‘killed’ in Arkham shortly after Jason Todd’s death.

Everything happens so quick though… :man_shrugging:


I just watched ep 3. Holy smokes! Though I agree that lots of things happen so fast, I’m also speculating that there might be something that has yet to be revealed that could piece all of them together and be explained in an episode.

This show really said put everything you think you know aside.


Yet another season where the writing is taking a nosedive 6 episodes in and isnt bouncing back…

You’re saying it starts strong and then ends weakly? Sounds like most seasons of the show I often defend even though it has many flaws, “Westworld.”

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