Batman 100 Jock NYCC variant of 2500

Is 100 the first FULL of Ghost maker? Bill at economics said multiple panels and named.

It’s basically one page. A small panel showing him putting his helmet on from behind in the distance, and then a big full body shot where he says something like “time for Batman to meet the Ghost Maker”.

It’s a cameo at best. We have spoilers up on the forum somewhere

I have seen issue 102. It’s full first and origin. Basically he is daredevil.

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Flash back of him and bruce fighting, not origin. And yeah. COMPLETE rip of dardevil. Almost like Tynion couldnt think of a new original character and said “oo lets make Daredevil in DC universe”

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Its his first appearance. Cameo or full. Its one page. (The last)

How exactly is he daredevil? I ask out of curiosity

Anyone who has seen the original will agree on this comparison :v:




You have to see his flash back where he looks exactly like the pictures Mike posted. Blind man with a full eye bandana mask.


Has anyone gotten their orders yet on this book?

Nope. Not yet.

I just got a reply from them. It’s going to take 4-8 weeks for them to ship out. That’s a long time.

They were back in stock a couple days ago

that sucks

That is not a good sign, maybe people canceled though. Either way. I want mine to sell. Sell I tells ya.

Hmmm looks like 5 copies