Batman 100 Jock NYCC variant of 2500

On sale now. At Reedpop site

At first I thought the site was “ReadPoop”…

Damn it! I was going to skip Batman 100, but those covers are, well, ummm, hot.

Also a virgin variant up.

virgin is not nycc

Direct link to both the NYCC and MCM Virgin covers:

As noted above, each are limited to 2500.



Hmmm. Not sure what to think about the virgin. Based on my previous sales, unknown cons with variants dont typically so well. But this is just a virgin of the nycc … the dilemma

I grabbed one set. I like the combo of Batman, issue 100, Jock, smaller print run… and good covers. Feels like a good formula.

MCM is a large UK con.

The virgin variant sold about 500 copies in the past 10 minutes. Where about 100 copies sold in the last hour. Must have been posted on Key Collector or something like that.

It was, got the notification like 15 mins ago

Code “Glitch2020” gets you 15% off.

Just placed an order for 2 of each. Thanks for the heads up.

Love me some Jock cover art. I’m in for 2 copies of the trade dress. One for my Jock PC, and I grabbed one as a gift for a friend who is also a big Jock fan. :bat:

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I do love Jock. I’ve been spending too much lately but hope to sell some of what I bought to cover what I have been buying to keep…

I got a set of each as well.

Was gonna pass on Batman 100 and wait for sales but had to pull the trigger on these. There are some very optimistic early eBay sellers…

That’s exactly why I ended up getting them. Plus how stupidly well the SDCC variants ended up doing.

Virgins are gone. Had to get the regular cover only. Ah well. still a cool cover

I wouldn’t go huge on 100 I’d go big on 102 if you have hopes in Ghost Maker. 100 is just the cameo

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