Batman 110 Jock Cover

I know that Batman has a high print run currently, but this Jock cardstock variant cover for issue 110 is :fire:


That is very nice. Jock is such a good artist and loved his Shadecraft #1B. His style is really well-suited to Batman.

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The post-future state Batmans have had awesome covers.

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They are moving quickly into the Future State Gotham, which is surprising to me.


Up for pre-order on TFAW: Batman #110 (Cover B - Jock Card Stock Variant)

It’s a nice cover for sure. But does anything significant happen in the book?
Im trying to have a little more restraint and not just buy books coz i think the cover is pretty. Otherwise the wallet will be screaming in pain!!

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Jock is my favourite modern cover artist. His style just jumps out to me. Jock always does great Batman covers. His style just lends itself so well to the character, imo.
Im not big on autographs, but got Jock to sign this tec880 foil variant at a con a few years ago. I love how the red ink of the signature ‘pops’ on the foil mirror cover.

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