Batman #118 (Abyss) 1:250

So what do you think about the spec potential of this? Nice homage cover, first appearance but no character first cover appearance on the 1:250 (lots of store exclusives do have that).

Would you go for it at a decent price? And what is a decent price?

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My LCS is asking $450 for it which is about $400 more than I’d be willing to pay for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Take it like the SIKTC Frison variant, multiple variations of the same art, most limited being the most desired and holding the most value in the secondary market, this may become the more expensive of those variants but at the current buy in I wouldn’t be a player.

I’d buy it for cover price. Anything more I’ll just skip to the next spec potential…

Everyone who wants a version of this cover art can get one cheaply. I can’t see this going to anyone but the hardest of die-hard Batman completists. Likelihood of Abyss to become a big deal? Who knows.

I’m with IbukiLord, I personally wouldn’t pay more than $50.

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wait for them to turn up in the walmart packs

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