Batman 415

So the Riddler in the Batman movie will be the Edward Nashton version, who first appears in Batman 415.


Oh boy…After the Direct market and newsstand there is also a Canadian version and a bunch of reprints.


Wonder if it is going to be like that Scott Snyder, "Zero Year,’ which featured the Riddler heavily…

I can safely predict this book will never be worth anything. Then again, we live in a world where Shriek’s first appearance goes up from $1.

Probably not but it is never a bad idea to pick up a copy of any first appearance if its cheap especially if it is starting to gather interest. This issue had a large print run and a ton of reprints. I would say if a collector really wanted one it would be best to get a copy of the shorter printed reprints. I don’t think the 5th or 6th prints had large print runs and in this day and age where a reprint doesn’t seem to matter if it is a lower print run, who knows.

True… small gambling never hurts. If you can buy low to potentially sell high… that’s the way to go.

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