Batman 93 1:25 Designer Variant


Go get it.

Most places are $40+shipping.

Will pair nicely with the Batman 92 Punchline Incentive.


with so many small publishers cutting titles, delaying releases, or making titles fully returnable…this seems like an odd move for dc.

maybe this ends up being more helpful to shops, maybe not…just seems odd timing wise.


Yup, TFAW has them available for $39.99.

And this might be odd to some but I’d imagine they had this in the works before all this current hoopla in the U.S. in the past week started to kick off…


Everyone has them for $40. Seems like they think the designer should fetch as much as punchline…not before covid-19…definitely not during Covina-19.

Unknowncomicbooks was selling them for $25. Had 6 copies left so I grabbed one then posted here.


My gut is telling me to pass on the ratio variants of Punchline and Designer. I may be wrong, but that’s just me. I’ve been wrong before.


same could be said for all the titles that are getting delayed or cancelled (2nd printings etc.) by smaller publishers. fcbd got delayed (and thats been advertised for quite some time now) as well…just kinda sticks out as odd that dc is the only ones adding on instead of pushing back/reducing.

maybe dc is making the right move and the smaller publishers are making the wrong one…won’t know until this whole mess passes and everything plays out.


That could in fact make this 1:25 more rare in the long run, and therefore more desirable. It’s a nice cover for signatures too.

I totally agree that it’s not worth spending $40 on. I grabbed mine (1 copy) for ratio and for the PC to pair with my 92 1:25, so to me it was worth it for that. Plus I oddly made a number of eBay sales this past week (people shuttered in with nothing to do but browse for comics?) so I just used that cash. It’s good for the economy!


If you were married to my wife, my wife reminds me I’m wrong 100% of the time… even when I’m right, somehow I’m still wrong… :wink:


tell her you’re wrong…which means you’re right because you’re always wrong but then that means you’re right when you said you were wrong and you’re never right so that’s impossible so what now?


Nope, that’s when she just says I’m right. I’m always in the “never gonna win” column with the wife… :wink:


So then you remind her that’s impossible because you’re always wrong according to her.

Circular logic…


I missed out on that deal at UnknownComicBooks…$40 seems the norm right now. I got the last copy at OLB for $34


I read an advance preview. I would not be buying the variant, fyi…


I disagree. I really enjoyed that issue. When i read that part i was like stfu no way! And the. The end “ say it to me”. “ one hundred billion dollars”.

Would i pay $40 for the variant? Being the completist that i am, yes i would.

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