Batman Adventure 12 VS Batman Beyond 1

Coming to community for advice. If you had the opportunity to
purchase a Batman Adventure 12 CGC 9.6 ($900) Vs Batman Beyond 1 CGC 9.6 ($720) or pass.
Which one has more potential or leg? The reason why I’m asking here, because I notice that recently that anything that has to do with Batman Adventure and Batman Beyond, price has been through the roof.

P.S. if anyone know the GPA for these 2, I would really appreciate it.


Harley has already had her own movies and being used by DC. Batman beyond has yet to show up in a movie so he definitely has a ton more potential


Harley is safer bet, but batman beyond has much more potential. i own multiple beyonds 9.8s and no ba12’s.

I know you own multiple 9.8s. You pump Batman Beyond ALOT on the cgc forums…


Both pretty cool books, so neither are likely to be losers. Harley is very well known in broader society (non-geeksville) so I would personally see there being a lot of staying power. Batman Beyond is a little more of a gamble, but if pushed I would go for BA#12. Depends a bit on your risk tolerance…

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Go Collect FMV - BA#12 9.6 $925 (but there have been quite a few sales at $1000)
Batman Beyond #1 9.6 $725, with prices having jumped around a lot

Hope this helps

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If you’re thinking long term, Harley is always going to have more media presence, especially has more movies are made and she’s recast. If you’re talking which one is due for the next big increase, I’d say Batman beyond because as someone else pointed out, he’s definitely going to show up in movies, and when he does, the gains are going to spike big time.


Short term BB. Long term Harley.

Buy BB1 at $750. Sell in a year or two for $1500 during movie hype…buy a 9.6 Harley with the profits and some other good books.

And watch your investment gradually increase while BB stagnates.



i wasnt pumping, i answered his question and disclosed i owned some of them so he could take that possible bias into account.

Batman Beyond #1 is a bigger risk. Batman Adventures #12 should keep slowly climbing, maybe?

Batman Beyond 1 9.6, 90 Day at $788 (All time high $1200 Aug 2020)

Batman Adventures 12 9.6, 90 Day at $1066 (All time high $1450 Mar 2021)

Batman Beyond 1 9.8 sold earlier at $2300 and another is at auction ending in a little while.

If the 9.8 are ‘worth’ $2300 then 9.6 might be worth between $900-$1100ish with today’s prices.

So at $720 buy in with potential show coming risk/reward looks favorable. All imho not advice.

BUT at the end of the day buy what you like!


Had a Batman Adventures 12, and it was satisfying to have found one in the wild. Spine was cut, so as soon as I had a chance, traded for Walking Dead 19, first Michonne. Now just saw a homage BA 12 that looks really nice. Purple, I guess would be the lower print,not sure though. Had a link to the Diamond runs, on my old laptop that died. Haven’t seen many posts on here about Warren Louw. He has the Chibi art thing down, which is what the younger crowd likes. And I’m old, and like it. ba 12 homage warren louw

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That’s dope… what store is that exclusive?

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I’m trying to catching up on these. Variants burned out my go too comic mentor. He just moved on to Magic cards, so I have nobody to ask for advice from. I’ve done terribly on the Harley’s as far as speccing.I like the comic book character. Movie Harley was disappointing to me. My opinion, and you know opinions like blanks…

Second that. Some specs don’t turn out well. At least if it’s something you like, you can hang it on the wall, and still enjoy it.


I’d go BA12 personally, Harley will ALWAYS be around. Batman beyond could fizzle out, but Harley is a guaranteed mainstay for many generations to come.

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If the geniuses at DC had cast a better Harley, and made it less silly, BA12 would have gone out of sight. Would have liked darker Harley. She’s deranged. Margot was Harlequin lite. Dark like Phoenix Joker was way to go.

Soooo… I’m guessing I should get my unread copies if BA 12 and BB 1 graded?


BA12 for the long term. BB for short term. Harley is here to stay, batman beyond not so much.

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I bought a gorgeous BA12 from a comic shop where I used to live for a great price. Can’t wait for it to be shipped to me!

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