Batman and Flash Lots (Rebirth)

Anyone interested in semi full run lots of either Batman (Tom King) and Flash (Williamson)?

I was going to list these on eBay but figured I throw them up here for anyone that is interested.

:bat: Batman Run Includes:

1-45 (missing issues are 7, 15, 16, 23, 42, 43. Not sure where these went as I’m pretty sure I bought them at one point but probably in another box that’s gone unnoticed). Most single issues listed should be A cover. See below for issues I have multiple covers of.
55 - Mattina Cover

Duplicate issues include:
2 - Both covers
3 - Both covers + extra Finch cover
4 - Both covers
26 - Both covers
33 - Both covers
36 - Both covers
37 - Both covers
38 - Both covers
44 - Both covers

So total books is 50. I’m willing to let them got at $1 each.

:cloud_with_lightning: Flash Run Includes:

1-6, 8, 12-22, 24-40

Duplicates and others:
3 - Both covers
4 - Both covers
21 - Both covers
22 - 3 covers, 1 lenticular and then both covers of A/B
38 - Both covers

41 total books. Same as Batman, $1 a issue.

All bagged and boarded. All in NM type condition.

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Last call and they’re gonna get listed on eBay. I’m willing to break out single issues to for you hole filler seekers… that totally sounded wrong too…

Batman Lot has been listed on eBay starting at 99 cent auction for 5 days.