Batman Beyond movie in development

I was hoping to replace my direct 9.6 of #1 with a newsstand at a slight cost…Been looking for an opportunity for about 6 months. Likely not going to happen now.

You could get 9.6s for under $200 a few months ago…they’ve been selling for close to $500 in recent weeks. I expect a big rush and bump in price now.

Giving UF4 and EotSV2 a run for their money!

a 9.8 sold for 1200 a few days ago, once there is official announcement, book is gonna hit 2k-3k over night. such an incredibly hard 9.8 to get. took me 3 years to find a newsstand in 9.8

Looks like 9.8s have been hovering around $1000 for the past month. A sale at $1800 even (direct edition, wtf?). Currently a 9.8 with 8 days to go with a $1000 bid (again, direct).

Nuts mines a raw 9.8 paid $50 about 4 years ago.

But if you’re paying $1800 for this book right now you either started collecting comics last month or you’re working on the movie or you’re an idiot. So much better options in the $1800 range.

Wasn’t 1800, best offer taken. Was like 1200-1300

No, but it could have been a shill bid or maybe all the 9.8s were gone and the person got desperate.

Uh oh…low battery…

BTW, all three of those sales were above $1400, as the next one down (not shown) was a $1399.99 sale (not a best offer).

Now you know someone is going to write how rare the 6flags freebie is which it’s not, and they’ll be a rush on those.

I’d like to say how that came out 6 months later…but seeing as how later printings seem to rule these days due to scarcity (and not actual release date) I don’t think that is a factor anymore.

I have a Six Flags copy as my reader…it’s pretty beat up, though. I think someone spilled slushy All over it and read it with cotton candy hands or something…

yummm, Six Flags snacks.

Yeah, it should get extra points on grade having been through the “true” six flags experience…not some nerd grabbing it and immediately stashing it with a bag and board into a long box.

I’ll have to post a pic of it and you can tell me what it is stuck to the cover!

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