Batman Imposter #1 1:25

It looks like the new character is on the incentive. Too bad it’s out of continuity.

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That doesn’t mean much. According to Death Metal ALL stories matter. It’s a multiverse. Theoretically the BTAS Batman, Nolan/Bale Batman, and Prime Earth Batman can all exist at the same place and time and work together to solve a case.

Also, I know it is Marvel bit at time didn’t Cosmic Ghost Rider exist out of continuity? Things can always be done to bring a character into the main DC / Marvel Universe.

New character? Isn’t that Thomas Wayne?

It usually takes awhile so one has to be ready to hold.

Could be but I thought it was the imposter that’s mentioned in the solicitation.

oversized black label… pass

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So was batman damned

and ?
name another black label title that got hot?

What do you mean ‘and’? And nothing. So what if it’s the only one to heat up. It could be a long-term hold if the character is used again.

You both make a solid point. @billyraybob points out the Black Label Batman-related books are really coming out at an absurd rate and @thefallenone points out the character being introduced could become big if used again. My solution? Buy one copy and hold it as a long-term bet.

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