Batman of Africa (Batwing)

DC’s Black Panther? That would be David Zavimbi, the original Batwing.

DC retired him and passed the mantle onto Luke Fox, so worth noting they didn’t kill him off (not that it would even matter if they did).

I could definitely see DC taking a stab at a Black Panther style movie with this guy. He might even play into the Luke Fox stories if that ends up happening.

Anyway, I mentioned this got a nod on the KCC app recently, and it’s still cheap. You can find it in dollar bins or for cover price on various sites.

Batman Incorporated #5 (Volume 1)

There’s also a 1:25 variant that is tough to find, only 2 on eBay right now.

I looked for it last week…someone had already beat me to it…

Yeah looks like any cheap copies may be gone… Found one for $15 at gmart but there are some full runs available on eBay for that price. Hope you find one!

Found 2!


Nice! Good stuff brother. I found one today too and gave it to a friend. I already have a bunch. Now we wait… there was a guy in one of the shops today that practically pushed me out of the way to look through the Batman Inc section… he was too late :smiley:

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Nice! I also grabbed one out of the box today at my LCS. Actually had two of them, but the owner and I have a pretty good relationship and he is a fan of Batwing. I let him know about it as he had no idea.

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Nice, I really think the character is a sleeper, and it’s always a good idea to grow the relationship with a shop owner :+1:

John Ridley wrote a Batwing story in JOKER WAR ZONE.