Batman the Adventure Continues #2

This has been selling well for $20 and up without any real hype from the usual influencers. Anyone know if something is rumored for the Sonny, the character who 1st appears in this book?

2nd prints still available everywhere for cover, but I’d get a bunch of shops still have 1st prints in their back issue bins.

You can read the whole series digitally for awhile now doesn’t play a big role.

Can’t see her going anywhere.

Yeah I sold mine on Mercari for $30. I’m surprised people paying for it when shops still have it. Jus not on line.

This had hype from a few influencers. That’s why it climbed so fast.

Really? Didnt know I thought it was from people thinking the Sunny character was gonna be big or brought in to main DC like Harley

That’s exactly what it was. That’s why they were talking about it. I know Jim’s Comics and Economics were both talking about it pre release.

Lower print run being a #2 issue in the Adventures series too Vs a regular Batman book.

Long term spec as she doesn’t do much in the series.

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Yeah. I moved in on 3 copies at cover price and sold them at $20+ a couple of months (weeks maybe) back.