BatmanFan’s Sale Thread.

Please feel free to send offers! All prices are negotiable.

Amazing Spider-Man 50 - CGC 3.5 OW/W pages. Asking $550 OBO

Amazing Spider-Man 39 - FAIR
Asking 100 OBO

Captain America 1 (2023) Virgin Foil Liefeld Variant. Signed by Liefeld.
Asking $30.

Action Comics 9 Newsstand Edition. NM IMO

$150 OBO

Deadpool PRIDE Funko Pop signed, chiseled, and remarqued (smudge made by Liefeld on his Whatnot) by Liefeld. COA available, but it cost me an additional $35.

Asking $150 or $165 w/ COA. OBO.


Try reloading the funko pop picture.

I gotta do this. Over the weekend I significantly discounted many of my books on eBay. Like 30/50% markdown.

After a year or more of books sitting on eBay it’s time to face facts brutally and accept many books I’m just not going to make money on a lot of books. So time to move the books along and get what I get.

So at some point I’ll do a fire sale/offer some decent modern books at cover or less.