He will be on the Batwoman CW show. Looks damn good, if you ask me.

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CW is all that is needed to be mentioned for me so I’m out.


I love the CW shows particularly Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, but Batwoman season 2 has been unwatchable for me. I made it through the first 3 episodes of the season and stopped watching. After losing Ruby Rose it’s a bunch of bad actors and dumb plot lines to explain why Batwoman is different now.

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I give CW credit for at least bringing characters to the screen. DCEU is confused on what they are tryna do.


Used to watch The Flash religiously and Arrow/Legends occasionally … I thought the first few seasons of The Flash were amazing - Thawne, Zoom, Savitar, Grodd… my interest culminated with Crisis on Infinite Earths though.

Don’t watch any CW DC shows anymore.

I hear good things about Superman and Lois… may try catching up with that some day.

Watched the Batwoman pilot… nope… never again.

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