Batwoman Beyon Revealed *Spoilers*

Get your Batman Beyond #25s. Its Elaina Grayson.

Thanks again to those retailers who get on Monday!!

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Suspected this as suddenly this morning my Batman Beyonds 25s 36s and 37s all were sold on eBay. I still have copies…I Need to list them!!!

Yup, get those Batman Beyond #25 listed… now’s the time to sell if you got’em and don’t want’em.

Also sell those issue #37 as well…

We’ll have to watch the market for #40 that comes out Wednesday, it’ll be a key book in this characters DC history going forward but I think it will be a quick flip potential type of book. Most will seek out #25 and #37 as the real winners. #36 might see some love but I think the market is already swinging towards 25 and 37, or should I think.

Actually I misspoke. My BMB 36 did not sell. Just the rest of my 25s and a 37 2nd Print.

How much did your #37 second print go for?

And we got spoilers up as well…

Honestly I paired it up with issue 25 and sold as a set for $20. I sold a couple sets like that…and I have two more 2nd prints left. Maybe I should donate one to CHU readers! :wink:

I gave a 2nd print away for the 12 Days. I still have a small stack of them. If it becomes a $10 book I’m unloading. I got mine for cheap myself.

I’ve heard some other rumors that they might be spinning her off with her own title soon as well. Not sure how true that is but makes sense, I could see her getting a series. Could see some more love once that happens.

Probably feeding off the hype of the CW series…

The BMB universe hasn’t really gotten a lot of respect…aside from the first limited series back in 2019, there aren’t any real spec books…until this Batwoman Beyond shows up…makes me wonder how it’ll hold up.

But if you take a step back, how can this book be more sought after than 52 Week 11?!

Someone paid $200 for a 9.8 of Batman Beyond 37 the other day…another is up to $136 and climbing.

Meanwhile 52 Week 11’s are selling for under $75 in 9.8 condition…



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Well, I’m BMB’s defense 52 week 11 did have sales of 122,000…wow, did not realize that!

And it beat out Batman 655, Damien Wayne’s intro (at 113,000)!!!

There is literally nothing else exciting going on in DC’s world of current comic books I suppose. And 2020 has pretty much sucked so far for comic speculation so… it has that going for it more than likely. For all we know, a year from now nobody will care and they’ll all be $10 books or less.

2020 has not been good (it’s been only 3 weeks) for new speculation. MCU spec has been on fire in 2020 with the Morbius, New Mutants and BW trailers and movies dropping.

As of 5 minutes ago, the B cover is still available at Midtown (1 per order).

Prices are starting to pop on eBay. Ironically the cover that’s still available at midtown is leading the pack.

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