Batwoman Trailer

Just posted the Cw’s Batwoman trailer over on the main site. Looks pretty good. Thoughts?

I think I’m in the minority of being one of the few people that never tunes into anything on the CW. It looks okay but I have zero desire to put any effort into watching this…

The secret to the CW is not to watch. If you wait until Black Friday, Walmart will sell you the seasons you missed for $10. Then you can binge watch and they make a lot more sense when you aren’t forgetting stuff that was scattered out over 9 months of tv.

I don’t purchase discs any more. Every Black Friday I buy a bunch, open and pull out the digital codes, and then resell them on eBay. Usually make a nice little profit on the titles. Plus I get the digital codes for free that way.

I don’t do Wal-Mart or Black Friday. I’ve found I’ll live longer and a more fufilling life by not doing either.


I don’t go to the stores, I start shopping online Wednesday night at 10PM.

Funny thing, I just read a Facebook message where they’re talking about CGC taking off 2 full points because the digital code was removed!!!

I know people get comics and records graded. Are people grading movies now as well?

See, this is why I can’t back CGC or any grading company knocking off the grade on something that is intended to be removed from a comic.

If they knock off points for removing the digital redemption stamp, then I say they to go that extra step and take off points or knock down the grade when a book comes polybagged and the polybagged is removed. It’s no longer in it’s original release condition without the bag right?

Polybags are frequently listed separately from unbagged versions on most sites and databases. I don’t trust grading on polybagged versions since they’re either grading the bag and not the book since they can’t see it inside the polybag or straight up guessing. It could be damaged or have problems like those Naomi 5’s this week prior to bagging.

I can see that to some extent it is actually incomplete since something that was sold with it was removed. In the case of digital codes it’s an alternate source for the subject matter that has some value separate from that of the book so I would imagine if it’s missing the book should be worth less than the copy that has that intact up until the point the codes are no longer valid assuming they expire eventually.

Cutting out a coupon to redeem for 55 cent off a candy bar would be the same thing up until the coupons expiration date.

Those Lakeside Tattos in that ASM issue, if they’re not there something that could be used is missing.

Even those silly Marvel Value Stamps may have some value if collected and offered in the original collection book.

Personally I don’t care if all those are missing from my copies so long as the story content is intact. I’ve picked books up off the sorting room floor that convention guys were tossing just because it was incomplete. As long as I can read it I’m good.

I don’t assign ultra high grades to anything, even brand new books from Diamond. It’s just not a market I care to cater to, VF is good enough if I have to call it something. If I can identify some damage then we’re talking VF- or down but hopefully at a grade you’ll think is a bit under stated so I end up over delivering. I don’t open books to look for missing codes and if a trading card fell out I had no way to know it was there anyway unless it was plastered on the cover and even then I might miss it being gone if the story content is intact.

I don’t do digital codes so you can have all mine for free. I just hope if you’re advertising the discs as new you’re mentioning the codes being removed so you don’t end up with an unhappy customer expecting both. I used to buy the Blue ray combo’s and give the DVD away also. They pretty much force you to buy something extra you don’t want in combo now.

When I list the discs I state that they are new and unwatched, opened only to remove the digital code and the digital code does not come with it.

I was just thinking about that again with the replacement copies for Naomi #5. What’s to stop people from going ahead and yanking any digital codes from the damaged issues and selling them. I noticed on the Marvel ones I was looking at the code was provided with both books, defective and replacement. looks like twice the codes to sell and I saw an expiration date on the Marvel one’s for 2019 so they apparently do expire if not sold.

Then that would be for diamond to decide if they are going to take those copies back if the digital codes are taken out. Personally if a store or to return them after ripping the stickers off I would not accept them as returns

Diamond doesn’t generally ask for the items back. They tend to send out lists stamped destroy for regular damages and stuff like the Naomi’s, Marvel Rising and Brimstones where the publisher is replacing I typically never even see paperwork on what to do with them.

Do there is nothing stopping them from selling hard copies either. I have seen videos of shops destroying their store variants that came in damaged and are being replaced. But I don’t worry about them selling damaged copies because they are worthless other than being readers to me.