BCC Custom Grade Comic

I was confused by this listing on eBay. I’ve never seen or heard of these until today. It appears to be some kind of custom made comic that used an original interior with custom front cover and no back. Although it appears to have a custom back cover. The case itself is pretty hideous. Anyone run across these and have any info? A quick google search didn’t yield much.

Just a guess … there is an outfit that makes “Slab it Yourself” kits … I would speculate that the items are home made …

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Comic skins are the best for those who want the look/protection of a comic in a slab, but the ability to open it back up and handle it or display it (they sell displays and the material is uv resistant unlike cgc/cbcs/pgx).

I have a few comics in these. I will say the price of the case isn’t that far off just a regular grade/encapsulation though (minus pressing,
Fast pass and other add ons).

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But yes, that is totally a comic in a comic skin slab with a custom (and butt ugly) label.

Oh, and no clue how this person is coming up with number grades like 1.0 and 2.5 for comics that clearly are incomplete (I.e. missing their original cover) unless it’s underneath the custom cover???

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Other than a .5, a 1.0 would be about as low as it could get … I’d say, after reading the description, these would be 1.0 … the self slab kit may be worth more than the contents

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or in this case, the simulation of having been graded … I messaged the seller on who BCC is and have not heard back … I don’t know if the Dude is trying to pull a fast one or is just plain stupid …

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It says it’s a custom homage cover, and grade is the complete comic inside…I don’t think they are pulling a fast one.

Although the person should spell check their work on some of these…Artest issued COA?

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Thanks for all the info.

An unsuspecting newb could mistake these listings as being some sort of legit grading service … which, it’s clearly not …

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Said unexpected newb better do his/her own research before dropping money on a BCC slab. :joy:

I think people come into this hobby on a regular basis just because they heard there was money to be made …

In a perfect world, yes. Sadly a lot of people don’t do their own research either out of ignorance or laziness.

Every time I buy a new car the salesman is always surprised that I’m popping the hood to look at the engine and looking under the car, checking every single thing… The funny thing is most of the time I know more about the car I’m test driving and likely buying than the guy selling it to me.

It is self graded with a home printed label.

We should start CHU grading services… You grade, I slab… :slight_smile:

You could have two grades bathroom read and unbathroom read

Yeah but I’ve shared a hotel room with you… there’s a huge difference between a normal bathroom read and a Anthony bathroom read. :wink:

Stop right there, fellas. Before we all can’t unread what we see…

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I have pics… do you want me to ruin your life forever? :stuck_out_tongue:

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No pics, PLEASE!! A video with some nice audio would be my preference.

On of these times I’m going to see theirs a new post to this thread, and forgetting where the discussion left off, feel compelled to see what the update is…and totally regret it…