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Hey all,

After reading some threads on how expensive certain items are from (mainly the plastic short/long boxes) I decided to offer everyone on the forums the option to order items directly through me and have them drop shipped to your address.

I am a BCW retailer, so I get a 30%+ discount on most things (more if you order in bulk), so feel free to message me if there is anything you need from there along with your zip code for shipping and I would be happy to tell you how much I can get them to you for.

An example would be the plastic short boxes. I can get them for ~15$ each and shipping for 5 of them to California is $20, so it would be about $95 total. Boards are another good example; I can get 1000 bulk boards for ~$85 shipped to California. I usually get better discounts in larger quantities as well.

I know this is an expensive hobby, so hopefully I could help some of you save a few bucks.


Price for 10 cardboard short boxes to 55123? If it’s close to an LCS price, I’d rather support the local shop. But, appreciate the offer here.

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This is very cool. I’m moving next year to a bigger place and going to re-bag my collection. So you’ll hear from me next year lol.

Thanaquaks for this

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It would be $44.79 shipped. So about $4.50 a box total. If you plan on needing more though, shipping is the same for 20 as 10. So you could get 20 for $70.96 or 3.50 a box :slight_smile:


My bad I have no idea how that happened.

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You don’t happen to get a discount with E Gerber? I get all my Mylars and fullbacks directly from them.

I do, however, they do not offer the option to dropship, so you likely would not see any savings here since you would be paying for shipping twice.

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Do you ship to UK?

BCW can dropship to UK, but it is ridiculously expensive. They do have a distributor in the UK though that does free shipping www.643doubleplay.co.uk.

Price for 5 of the black comic book stor-folio (sku: 1-SFC-15)? Any more of a discount for 10?
Shipped to 16509. Thanks!

They are 11% cheaper each if you get 10 and no increase in shipping, so it is a pretty good deal.

5 @ $6.39 each + $13.19 = $45.14
10 @ $5.68 each + $13.19 = $69.99

10 sounds like a deal to me. I’ll send you a PM. Thanks!

What would you charge for 5 of the Short Plastic Comic Storage Bins and 3 of the graded size bins to 13606? Thanks.

Here is a picture from the cart. I do not charge anything myself, you would only pay the cost, $158.22

Note the backorder dates though in red.

What about top loaders (to 55123)? I’d like 10-20 of these, but man, they are just so pricey.

Are the BCW ones the best? My LCS sells top loaders for what seemed like a low price (maybe $1-1.25 each? I don’t remember exactly now), but they weren’t BCW so I don’t know the quality difference.

I can never find them for under $2-2:50. I’m trying to talk my LCS into stocking them, as they tend to have really great prices for supplies.

Here is the cost for 20 (2 packs). I would get more though if I were you because shipping only raises by a dollar if you get 4 packs.

Problem being they are not expecting to get them back in stock until May.

:crown: here king you dropped this

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