Be on the lookout for Marvel Secret Bloody Variants

Apparently Marvel is putting out some secret variants the next couple months that will have bloody Carnage style cover lettering as well as a post credit scene added to the book dealing with Carnage. Books with the secret variants include:

Amazing Spider-Man #24

Deadpool #14

Symbiote Spider-Man #3

Fantastic Four #11

Venom #15


Invaders #7

Avengers #22

Black Cat #2

Captain Marvel #8

Immortal Hulk #20

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According to @BJ, it seems these are going to be quite common unless his shop got lucky in how they were dispersed in shipments.

My shipment was half and half so it seems a 1:1 ratio for me this time.

Diamond never messes up shipments though… :money_mouth_face:

Cool marketing strategy by marvel…I like surprises!

I’m sure most shops will be pricing them at $15-$20.