Bee & Puppycat (finally) gets a release date

In what has seemed like an eternity, Netflix has finally announced a release date for the new Bee & Puppycat season. September 6, 2022! Consume!

The CHU forums have talked a lot about Bee & Puppycat books. They were part of BOOM’s kid imprint and weren’t heavily ordered. Issue 1 had quite a few variants, and issue 9 has an early Rose Besch cover. Prices seem to fluctuate, but if you’ve been able to find them for $10 or less, you’re making money. However, one cover that speculators have been sleeping on is issue 3’s cover B.

This is the only cover that shows Puppycat in his humanoid Space Outlaw form. That’s right, Puppycat used to be a powerful outlaw! He fell in love with a princess, and when they decided to run away together, she tricked him. The king and his warlocks trapped Puppycat, but due to the intense anger and betrayal Puppycat was feeling at the moment, the magic meant to capture him ended up transforming him into what he is.

The only hint of this backstory happens in the Pilot episode, and at the end, we see Puppycat looking out the window, and the Outlaw’s reflection is shown for a brief second.

Now, it must be said, Natasha did make quite a few changes between the Pilot and eventual first season of the series. There have also been other fan theories that Puppycat is simply the Outlaw’s pet. However, if you see the rest of the series, there are little hints that seem to say that Puppycat is indeed the Outlaw.

Whatever happens with this season, September is prime Puppycat selling time!