Best Cheap Ebay Back Issue Sellers

We all know about the big boys of online back issue sellers. The mycomicshops, westfields, dreamlands, milehighprices (err…comics), Midtowncomics, etc.

But have you ever stumbled upon an ebay seller who seemingly has unending pages of back issue comics for $1.99, $2.99, etc.? The ones who are carrying tomorrow’s hot book, just waiting to be cleared out once movie news is announced?

I’ve encountered it a couple times where I find the back issue I want for something like $2.19 and the listing has 6 copies available. I add all to cart and go to their store to see what else I can add for the shipping only to find they have 88,000+ comics listed.

I thought it would be good for us to share our Ebay Back Issue Seller finds. We’re not all always looking for the same thing, so why not share the wealth? Leave my Star Wars alone and I’ll leave your Ms. Marvel alone.

I’ll start and you guys can add your finds. Here are a couple who stand out to me currently:

  • Cyberspacecomics: at the time I’m writing this they have over 129,000 issues listed with over 70,000 of those under $4.00
  • aweinc: You have to sift through what look like either storage locker finds or liquidation sale purchases of scrapbooking stuff, dvds, miscellaneous card games, and underwear (??) but they have over 8,000 comic listings currently and over 7,000 of those are under $4.00. Their shipping has been reasonable and they’ve packed really well when I’ve bought orders of 25, 50, more books at a time.

Yeah i’ve bought from cyberspace off atomic avenue, packs decently but sometimes can over or under grade books

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I agree with Cyberspace. They can and have been off-base at times. Not severely, but enough for me to take notice.

@LoveBox @Bill This is definitely good info too.

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Just ordered from Cyberspace off Atomic Avenue the other day. Hope the NM is actually NM now.

I’ve ordered from Cyberspace on Atomic Avenue as well!

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